How Real Estate Investors traditionally work

Many investors finance their portfolio one property at a time with pure focus on getting the absolute lowest rate and without assessing the long term financing implications to their overall portfolio, next purchase or long term plans.

Transactional Financing

While this approach may seem to work initially because investors may be getting what they believe is a great deal, many realize – often late in the game of building a portfolio – that it is not the best way to fund their deals.  This typically occurs when the bank says “NO” to financing their next deal.

Avoid Hitting the Financing Wall

avoid hitting the financing wall

While we can help you as an investor break through the financing wall and keep your portfolio going; it is most effective to develop a financing strategy for your overall portfolio and then implement it one property at a time. Doing so, will ensure that:

  1. Financing is structured the right way to support the future growth of your portfolio
  2. You are getting the best terms for the current property at hand with the right lender and with the peace of mind that financing aligns with your future plans
  3. You will avoid hitting the finance wall early during your investment plans and finance many more properties at excellent rates and terms

Take Advantage of our Proprietary “Goals-Based Financing of Investment Properties” TM process

Through our process, we helped thousands of investors across Canada acquire double digit investment portfolios.

Here is how to get started with our complimentary portfolio consult and get a Goals-Based Portfolio Financing Plan TM  in place:

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