I own a few rentals & I am looking to acquire more properties

Do you currently own two or three rentals and are eager to grow but not certain how financing will play out as you scale? Which lenders to go to in order to get the best financing and how to make the best use of all the money sources available to you such as: Equity, Joint Venture Partners, Private Money, Unsecured Lines and Vendor take backs?

The “Financing wall” is a real concern for investors like yourself at this stage, where financing becomes unfavourable too early in your journey as lenders ask that you to put more into the deal, charge more interest and/or higher fees, or decline the deal all together.

At this stage you may have questions about:

We have developed an exclusive methodology for financing income properties (The Financing Road Map™️) to help you answer all of these questions and scale without hitting the financing wall. 

Using this methodology, we have helped thousands of investors grow their portfolios. Many of our investor clients have been able to scale to 20+ properties without hitting the financing wall by planning ahead and building their portfolio strategically.

The Financing Road Map™️ is complimentary.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible."

Financing should be structured within the context of your investment goals and taking into consideration other aspects relating to investing. We have developed a Goals kit to help you get clearer on your investment goals and have better financing conversations that are aligned with your goals.

Tell us about your goals by completing our Goals Kit.

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