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About Streetwise Mortgages

Streetwise Mortgages is an award-winning mortgage brokerage, focused on providing tailored mortgage strategies and top notch lending advice to clients who are:

  1. looking to build wealth through real estate and are looking for guidance and expertise on how to structure and finance multiple income properties and how to setup financing in manner that takes into consideration the legal and accounting structures relating to building wealth.
  2. self- employed and are looking for lending solutions to invest or purchase/refinance a residence, and that take into account their business income and the different ways owners pay themselves from the business regardless of how the business is structured from a taxation standpoint.
  3. dealing with a separation / divorce situation and are looking for guidance and lending solutions that can help them transition through this difficult time. Options include: buying out their ex’s share of the matrimonial home, continuing to live at the property with a future plan to buy it or purchasing a new home.

We serve clients across Ontario and have solid relationships with many lenders in the industry including banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders.

If you are looking for a strategic lending partner who can provide you with sophisticated and trusted mortgage advice, then we invite you to contact us or browse our site to learn more about our services and how we can help.

Our team brings over 40 years of combined finance experience to every client conversation. Our focus is not only to get you the best rates and terms given your situation but more importantly to ensure that financing supports your short and long term objectives and help you make an informed decision.

Why Streetwise Mortgages?

Enable your success and help you reach your goals, through:

  • Listening to your needs and understanding your current situation and future goals and/or aspirations
  • Providing tailored, non-biased and trusted lending advice and solutions that extend beyond your immediate short term needs and that fit within your bigger picture
  • Being accessible and nimble and provide you with the support and tools you need to make the right financing decision
  • Bringing to you a wealth of knowledge, resources and services through our affiliates and exclusive product offerings that will help accelerate your success
  • Your needs are unique and you are looking for a lending advisor who understands your specific situation and can assist you through quality lending advice and mortgage products as they relates to your unique need.
  • We care and will be there when you need us
  • Non-Biased advice and lending products
  • Stay in the know
  • It’s about your peace of mind
We are a proud member of the VERICO mortgage brokers network. A network of a network of independently owned and operated mortgage broker firms located across Canada.

VERICO was founded in 2005 with a single idea: to unite top mortgage originators in Canada and create additional opportunities for this group of highly driven professionals. Together, we knew we could make a mark on the Canadian mortgage industry.

In 2010, we reached $10 billion in collective loan volume, a number that rivaled the mortgage business of the big 5 banks in Canada.

Operating at the highest degree of professionalism, excellence and ethical standards, we originate over $13 billion by helping 45,000+ families annually with their mortgage needs.

Our Lenders

Meet our team

Dalia Barsoum
Dalia Barsoum President, Streetwise Mortgages.Mortgage Broker and Practice Lead, Investment property financing and wealth advisory Licence # M10002084
An award-winning Mortgage Broker, Real Estate investor and finance advisor with over 20 years experience in the banking sector, spanning : Wealth Management , Lending , Strategy and Real Estate .

Dalia holds an MBA in Finance from Dalhousie University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers Association.

Ms. Barsoum is the author of Canada’s best selling Real Estate Financing Book and an Amazon Best Seller : “Canadian Real Estate Investor Financing: 7 Secrets to Getting All the Money You Want”.

She has been nominated /won multiple industry awards; including:

  • Top 75 Brokers , 2017 ( Canadian Mortgage Professionals )
  • Top Mortgage Broker Award , 2017 and 2015 ( Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine)
  • Women of Influence , 2017 ( Canadian Mortgage Professionals)
  • Top 100 women driving and reshaping the Canadian Real Estate Industry , 2016 ( Real Estate Professional Magazine)
    > #1 Mortgage Broker by units volume , 2016 ( Centum Financial Group)
    > Top Mortgage Broker Award Finalist , 2016 ( Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine)
    > Top Mortgage production award , 2013, 2014 , 2015 and 2016 (Centum Financial Group)

Dalia is a public speaker, regular columnist for CREW and contributes to various media outlets on the topics of Real Estate investing and financing ; including : Rogers TV , Toronto Money Show, the Toronto Investor Forum , Canadian Mortgage Professionals ( CMP ) as well as various GTA-based investment groups.

She heads up the Real Estate Investment Financing & Wealth Advisory practice within Streetwise Mortgages .

Dalia helped many Real Estate investors kick start their investment plans as well as take their portfolios to the next level. Her clients range from rookie investors to sophisticated investors with multi-million-dollar portfolios.

Dalia’s lending practice encompasses:

> Strategies: Buy / Hold, Renovations, Construction Financing, Rent to own, and Student Rentals, Flipping, Land development and private lending
> Structures: Corporations, Joint Ventures and Personal Holdings
> Asset Classes: Residential, multi residential, Commercial, Mixed use and Land

Connect with Dalia

Email : dbarsoum@streetwisemortgages.com
Direct:  416.985.4698

Andrew C. MacDonald
Andrew C. MacDonaldHead of Operations and Mortgage Broker - Licence# M15000136
By late high school, Andrew had devoured more books on personal finance and wealth strategies than most people even know exist. By his second year of undergraduate studies, Andrew was running one of the only Canadian based loan origination branches for US lenders. With more than 10 years of mortgage and financial services experience, Andrew has overseen hundreds of mortgage transactions and his experience is an asset to everyone from first-time buyers to savvy investors.

Andrew’s commitment to customer service and accuracy in all he does is one of the many reasons clients rave about working with him. Working with Andrew, you’ll find he is consistently thorough and on-time, and always happy to go the extra mile to give clients the comfort and assistance they need to navigate the constantly changing lending environment.

As both a graduate of The School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University with a BBA in Finance and a real estate investor himself, you’ll find Andrew’s business acumen and knowledge of financing options for real estate investors to be top notch. He’s also committed to being a master of his craft and has completed his broker licencing and AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional) designation which require additional continuing education on an ongoing basis.

Away from the office, Andrew and his wife Hanna are successful real estate investors who enjoy the great Canadian outdoors in their spare time. To keep fit Andrew completed his first marathon in 2008, and regularly plays squash through the winter and 2’s beach volleyball during the warmer months.

Connect with Andrew

Email : amacdonald@streetwisemortgages.com
Direct: 647-832-8258

Neil Oliver
Neil Oliver Mortgage Agent / Practice Lead , Investment Property Financing - Rent to Own - License# M18000692
Neil Oliver heads up the Rent to Own financing solutions at Streetwise Mortgages.

He works with both tenant buyers who are looking to get into home ownership and are finding it hard to qualify under the new mortgage rules or due other reasons that have impacted their credit or purchase power; as well as with Real Estate investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio holdings through a Rent to Own Strategy.

To date, Neil has helped over 250 families Rent to Own. He has been instrumental in helping many families get back on their feet and in helping them get ahead financially.

Neil is an international best-selling author, mentor and mortgage agent.

After 20+ years in marketing and project management, Neil decided to escape the rat race in 2010 to invest both money and time in real estate.

After investigating different real estate strategies, together with his wife, Neil re-engineered the traditional Rent to Own model to empower more credit-challenged homebuyers to get their foot in the “real estate door” to become homeowners by the end of their rent to own term.

Connect with Neil

Email : noliver@streetwisemortgages.com
Direct: 416.662.8183

Susan Flanagan
Susan FlanaganMortgage Agent, Specializing in Private Mortgages - License# M17001101
Susan Flanagan has been investing in real estate for well over 25 years, and has done everything from regular buy and holds, student rentals, rent-to-own, as well as flips.

She started investing in private mortgages using her RRSPs about 10 years ago, so it was a natural progression for Sue to eventually get her mortgage license and to share the knowledge and experience she gained investing personal with others who would like to utilize private lending to grow their wealth or to help clients who can use private funds as a financing tool to supplement traditional mortgage financing.

Having been a lender herself, Sue can guide her lender clients through the structuring and pricing of a private mortgage to help balance the risks / rewards. Sue is also experienced in helping lenders utilize registered funds in private mortgages and is able to help clients who are looking to do so from A-Z.

For borrowers who are looking to utilize private funds, Sue is able to obtain fast funding with lean pricing for her clients and is always focusing on structuring a win-win deal .

Connect with Susan

Email : sflanagan@streetwisemortgages.com
Website: privatemoney4mortgages.com
Direct: 519.803.1642

Attiya Saleh
Attiya SalehSenior Manager, Underwriting & Mortgage Agent – Licence# M17001836
Attiya brings over 15 years of experience in Mortgage Underwriting and finance experience to Streetwise Mortgages.

She worked with Wells Fargo Financial for 10 years as senior credit analyst within the Mortgage / Lending group. She then transitioned to the mortgage brokering industry and worked for 5 years for various brokerages as an underwriter in the areas of residential, commercial and private lending as well as an officer, credit policies and procedures.

Attiya graduated from Carleton University with Bachelors of Honours in Economics and Business Finance.

She is passionate about providing clients with exceptional service and helping them make an informed decision about the financing options available to them to help achieve their goals.

Attiya is the proud mother of 3 beautiful children. When asked about how she is able to juggle a demanding career in the mortgage industry with raising a young family, she responds:

“I love being on the teams with other working mothers. They are the highest functioning messes I know.”

Connect with Attiya

Email : asaleh@streetwisemortgages.com
Direct:  416.500.0102

Roza Gyulinyan
Roza GyulinyanMortgage Underwriter & Mortgage Agent – Licence# M14001428
Roza has worked with one of Canada’s Top 5 banks as a client service representative and a mortgage funding specialist. Through this experience, Roza has helped many clients at the branch level with their banking and mortgage needs and has gained solid knowledge of credit policies and how a mortgages fit into the client’s overall financial plans.

Roza is a licensed mortgage agent with a degree in para legal. She worked with several brokerages in both a mortgage advisor and underwriter capacities, where she developed an excellent understanding of the various mortgage products available to clients through the Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies and private lenders and where she guided clients with the right mortgage solutions and advice during their home ownership journey.

Roza is a member of the Canadian Mortgage Professionals Association

Connect with Roza

Email : rgyulinyan@streetwisemortgages.com
Direct:  647.701.8979

Grace Pavao
Grace PavaoMortgage Underwriter & Mortgage Agent – Licence# M11001624
Grace Pavao has over a decade of excellent Customer Service experience in Finance. She enjoys the challenges and the fast pace environment this industry has to offer.
She is known for her ability to assess a situation and find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Grace began her career in the Mortgage Industry in 2006 as “The Closer” for one of Canada’s top producing Brokerages . She has been involved in the transaction of thousands of deals with Real Estate investors and home buyers, looking to purchase, refinance or consolidate debt . Grace is passionate about servicing clients and ensuring a pleasant , simple and smooth mortgage experience.

Grace is well traveled, born in Azores Islands and does also speak Portuguese. She enjoys photography, living in the country and hiking with her dogs.

Connect with Grace

Email : gpavao@streetwisemortgages.com
Direct:  416.568.0550

Kellie Molnar
Kellie Molnar Mortgage Underwriter & Mortgage Agent – Licence# M16000200
Kellie’s mortgage advisory career has been focused on building portfolios for real estate investor clients.

Having completed hundreds of mortgages for clients ranging from first time to seasoned investors with large portfolios, Kellie has gained valuable knowledge and experience about how to structure financing for investment properties to enable clients to grow and scale up . She has also seen and solved nearly any issue that may arise in the financing process throughout her years in the industry.

Kellie has a solid track record of building positive client relationships and client experience , a skillset learned in her previous experience in the fundraising industry.

As a mother of four and grandmother to one, Kellie and her husband reside in Barrie. When not helping clients with their financial goals, Kellie enjoys working out, reading and spending time with her family when they return home for weekends and holidays.

Connect with Kellie

Email : kmolnar@streetwisemortgages.com
Direct:  705.791.0849

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Client Testimonials

They were exceptionally diligent with us while ensuring we received the lowest mortgage rate. We will happily continue to use Dalia as our lending advisor for any and all future real estate transactions.
J. Adolphe, Property Manager, Xaragua
Dalia took the time to understand my financial objectives and invested the effort in designing a targeted and comprehensive financing plan which will assist me in realizing these goals. While always the consummate professional, Dalia never forgets business is about people and great relationships. It has been a pleasure dealing with her.
T. Massaro, Senior Product and Program Manager
As a large real estate developer, my financing undertakings require sophisticated understanding, broad experience, intelligent analysis, creative options and sharp implementation. Dalia delivers all this and more. She brings mature insight into the parties to the transaction, as well as client-focused dedicated service. In short, Dalia reliably delivers excellence in every respect while providing comprehensive financing services.
M. Katz, Real Estate Developer
2012 was a pivotal year for us at Dogstar Properties Inc., as we purchased an 11 unit apartment building. We selected Dalia to help grow our property investments. She came to the table with a customized strategy. The process was very professional and efficient. DogStar Properties Inc. has been strengthened by having Dalia as part of our team of specialists.
M. Demoe, Business Manager, DogStar Properties Inc.
Dalia’s surefire mortgage strategies and clear vision have helped us reach our goals faster— a great team to work with!
A. Dholakia, Technology Business Analyst
Dalia provides in-depth financing plans for present and future real estate investing—a very knowledgeable team and a pleasure to work with.
L&P Wulfers, Real Estate Investors, The Zokeimo Group