I am starting out and looking to buy my first investment property

Are you looking to buy your first investment property but fear and information overload are holding you back? 

I own a few rentals & I am looking to acquire more properties

Do you currently own two or three rentals and are eager to grow but not certain how financing will play out as you scale? Do you need to know which lenders to go to in which order to get the best financing and how to make the best use of all the money sources available to you such as: Existing Equity, Joint Venture Partners, Private Money, Unsecured Lines and Vendor Take Backs?

I am an experienced and sophisticated investor who is looking to take it to the next level

If you own a large real estate portfolio and are now looking to get into more sophisticated investment strategies such as apartment buildings and/or construction and are looking to understand the best ways to fund these deals (both at acquisition and after a renovation as well as funding for renovations) and/or how to best structure financing with equity and debt partners, then let us help you craft a financing strategy that fits your complex needs.