Mothers of Real Estate Webisode with Dalia Barsoum

In this Webisode: Rachel Oliver, Co-Host from the Mothers of Real Estate series interviews Dalia Barsoum, President of Streetwise Mortgages, about the new mortgage “stress test” for 2018. Dalia Barsoum is an award-winning Mortgage Broker, Real Estate investor and finance advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the banking sector, spanning Wealth Management, Lending, Strategy […]

ON TV (S1: E30)

Host Val Cole interviews the President of Streetwise Mortgages, Dalia Barsoum to learn more about financing for investing in real estate.

Mothers of Real Estate (S1: E03)

Three moms (Gillian Irving, Monika Jazyk, and Rachel Oliver) who are also Florida real estate investors bring their expertise to the table as they…