Using RRSPs to invest in Real Estate

Did you know that you can use your RRSPs to invest in Real Estate without having to cash them out and without triggering taxation on the funds used?

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RRSP+ Property TM is proprietary lending product of Streetwise Mortgages that allows you to borrow funds from your RRSPs to purchase an income property.

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Rent to Own Tenant Screening and Coaching

 The popularity of Rent to Own (RTO) has increased over the past few years amongst both Real Estate investors and Tenants.

The strategy helps tenants realize the dream of home ownership and offers Real Estate investors attractive cash flow and returns while helping others along the way.

Despite the best intentions, the failure rate for an RTO Strategy is high. A large number of tenants that sign up for the program end up walking away from the property that they tied their dreams and finances to for years.

This is primarily attributed to the lack of proper tenant screening and tenant coaching during the lease term, to ensure that they are equipped from a financing (i.e. credit, income and down payment) point of view to purchase the property at the end of the lease term.

Our ON Target Rent to Own TM  Program  will significantly increase the chances of the tenant purchasing the property from you at the end of the lease term.

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ON Target Rent to Own TM  Program is available only to Real Estate investor clients who are closing the initial property purchase with us and where our team has conducted the initial tenant screening.

Learn about our “Goals-Based Financing of Investment Properties” TM process

Financing Strategy Development for investors purchasing multiple properties

If you are looking to build wealth in Real Estate through the acquisition of multiple properties, having a financing plan is a backbone to your success.
Learn about how we can help you develop a sustainable financing strategy that will take your portfolio to new heights.
Learn about our “Goals-Based Financing of Investment Properties” TM process

Financing joint venture deals

 If you are planning on working with others – such as family and friends – to purchase one or more investment properties, it is important to think ahead of time about the following:

  • What are the sources of the down payment and how much is each contributing?
  • How can you maximize your collective purchase power? Combining all names on a mortgage application is not always the best approach
  • How will all parties be legally protected
  • What is the exit strategy if things do not work out
  • How is each individual’s personal financial information and confidentiality maintained during the process?

Many investors get excited about the deal and park or forget to address the key questions above.

Our team can help you and your team effectively structure your next deal from a financing point of view, while maintaining confidentiality and protecting the interests of all parties involved.

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The Fast Track Lending Program

is a private lending program offered by Streetwise Mortgages exclusively for Real Estate Investors who are looking for private funds to:
  • Renovate a property
  • Purchase a property
  • Supplement a shortage in down payment funds from tenant buyers in a Rent to Own Strategy

Benefit from :

  • Fast approvals within 48 hours
  • Fast closings , in 10 business days or less
  • Competitive rates and fees
  • Flexible payment options and terms
  • Deal by deal pricing and structuring allows you to reduce your holding costs and focus on the success of your investment

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Financing Renovations Projects

If you are purchasing a rundown property that you are looking to renovate then flip or hold, it is important to note that the condition of the property will play a large role in regards to the financing terms you will be approved for.  Some lenders shy away from lending a full 80% of the value on properties that are in run down condition or have asbestos, knob & tubing or oil tanks and for those who lend on such properties, they may charge a higher rate.

If you are planning on getting one of the merced rentals, our team can help you structure financing for your next reno project in a manner that:

  • Reduces your holding and exit costs – at the time of sale
  • Keeps your options opened regardless of whether you flip or decide to rent the property
  • Provides you with access to funds that you can use towards the renovations
  • Aligns with your project timelines

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