For medical professionals with a growing or already successful practice, our team can help you obtain financing at competitive terms for the purchase of a Commercial property to run your practice, to invest in Real Estate or purchase / refinance a home.

We understand how medical professionals derive their income and leverage medical, holding corporations and family trusts for wealth protection and tax efficiencies.

The following advantageous financing options are available to medical professionals on qualified deals:

  • 100% financing at competitive rates and terms for a commercial / mixed use property that will be used to run your practice
  • Secured lines of credit at prime
  • Competitive mortgage options

For medical professionals in residency , we work with lenders who will look into your earning potential when approving a deal.

We are happy to collaborate with your advisors (financial planner, lawyer and accountant) to ensure alignment of the recommended financing strategies with your long term wealth, tax and estate plans.


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