Adapt and Thrive Tips: What is the trigger rate and how to manage it? If you are in a variable rate mortgage product today where the payment has been fixed and stable during the rising rate environment that we’ve been experiencing, then you need to pay close attention to something called the trigger rate. You will usually find your trigger rate in the credit agreement you signed with your […]

Quick tip: Some context please

While prices may soften in the short term keep these important points in mind: We still need plenty of immigration to keep the economy strong and these newcomers all need a place to live Canada still has a housing shortage, demand for housing will continue to outpace supply since we are not building enough new […]

Long term Perspective

With interest rates on the rise since early 2022, we have noticed an increasing level of fear, doubt, worry, and concern in the marketplace. Unfortunately for many investors, they are allowing themselves to become paralyzed when they should be preparing and positioning themselves for the great opportunities to come. To help put things into perspective […]