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Financing the Renovations of Run-Down Properties

If you invest using a renovations strategy and you buy run down properties, then read this post to learn more about how you should go about the financing of your investment property. But if you're looking for a brand new property, you may browse the many Houses For Sale in Calgary. this post is based [...]

I Make Good Money But My Tax Returns Show Little Income. Will I Qualify for a Mortgage?

When it comes to qualifying for a mortgage, lenders tend to consider a variety of factors. One of the main things that lenders consider is income, and tax returns typically give a good indication of income for individuals seeking a mortgage. For the self-employed, however, the situation can be a bit more complicated than for [...]

Can You Buy Investment Property as a Self-Employed or Commissioned Worker?

The process for buying investment property is largely similar to the process when you try to find your dream home in Hilton Head, SC. For self-employed and commissioned workers, most lenders require the same documentation when considering eligibility for a mortgage, but requirements and mortgage structures can differ. Real estate agency experts from Keylet assert [...]

What Happens if I Have Not Filed My Income Tax and Wish to Purchase a Home?

Because income tax documents are generally required by lenders to confirm details regarding your financial standing, not filing income taxes can result in significant issues in the process of obtaining a mortgage and buying a home. For the self-employed, lenders generally look at the Notice of Assessment in order to verify levels of income, usually [...]

How Do You Leverage Equity in Your Home to Fund Your Business Growth?

Sometimes, two major goals converge: You are in the process of paying off your mortgage, but you are also looking for funding for your business, and the future of work for you looks bleak. In some cases, one can help with the other, as home equity can be converted into funds for the development of [...]

How Does Getting Approved for a Mortgage Differ if I Work on Commission?

For self-employed individuals working on commission, the mortgage process operates slightly differently from the normal qualification proceedings for salaried employees or self-employed people with a regular income. Because earning patterns and historical income figures are so important in obtaining a mortgage, commissioned workers are somewhat more limited than other self-employed individuals because of the nature [...]

Financing using Vendor Take Backs

Whether you are starter or veteran investor, mastering the ins and outs of financing and getting the right advice is crucial to your continued success. We have seen a tightening in the lending guidelines and they are expected to continue tightening, especially of the economic situation changes. We have seen amortizations drop from 40 years [...]

How important is interest rate to your success as an investor

Many investors call their lender and ask, “What is your best mortgage rate?” While reducing your cost of lending, including lowering the interest paid on your mortgage, is important, there is more to evaluate when it comes to arranging a mortgage for an investment property. This includes: • Prepayment privileges • Prepayment penalties • Portability [...]

Your Goals and Financing

Real Estate investors are different in many ways but similar in many others and can sell your house hassle free with cash home buyers in Queens. While they are different in the strategies they use to invest in real estate, they are similar in the sense that they have a longer term goal of building [...]